Agility, Professionalism & Passion with Expeeder Logistics Private Ltd in Pakistan

21-03-2023 Featuring: Expeeder Logistics Private Ltd

Introducing Expeeder Logistics Private Ltd who have joined DigiFreight as our new representative in Pakistan.  

The company have passed our strict entry procedure and received fantastic references!

Expeeder was established in 2018 by a group of senior logistics professionals with vision of progress in end to end logistics solutions for global and local customers in Pakistan and emerging markets.

Some of their aims and policies:  

  • Professional Integrity
  • Servicing Capabilities
  • Promote Team Spirit In Work Place And Improve Quality Services
  • Fulfill Customer’s Demands And Expectations
  • Take Full Care Of Customer’s Interests
"As a process logistics company, Expeeder have put their visions and expertise together in a single shipping house name where you can find transparency in every phase of operations. The company increased its presence into a full-fledged logistics company which included integrated one stop services house for all businesses related to shipping/logistics." Expeeder Logistics Private Ltd

Members are now able to connect to Expeeder Logistics Private Ltd via our Meeting Hub – see more.

Remember! DigiFreight will only approve 2 freight forwarders per country so that we foster a close network of agents.

We aim to provide our Members with all they need to expand their global network of trusted cargo partners so that they receive an upsurge in business.