Experience & A Passion For Logistics With Six Overseas Transport Solutions, S.A

11-04-2023 Featuring: Six Overseas Transport Solutions, S.A.

Introducing Six Overseas Transport Solutions, S.A. who have joined DigiFreight as our 2nd and final Member in Portugal.

The company have passed our strict entry procedure and received fantastic references!

Six Overseas Transport Solutions was born from an alliance between logistics professionals with extensive experience and dedicated to providing the best solutions, suited to the requirements of each client.
Our experience is added to a young team, dynamic and inspired by unique solutions in the provision of sea and air transport services, meeting the needs identified in the logistics chain, added to the customer's need.

Members are now able to connect to Six Overseas Transport Solutions, S.A via our Meeting Hub – see more.

Remember! DigiFreight will only approve 2 freight forwarders per country so that we foster a close network of agents.

We aim to provide our Members with all they need to expand their global network of trusted cargo partners so that they receive an upsurge in business.