Networking Event in Croatia: Flash Sale for June only!


The Registration Fee for the exciting 2023 Networking Event in Croatia is reduced from £690 to only £450 for one month only!

Simply register and pay before 30 June 2023.

The gathering takes place in Croatia from 2-4 October at Hotel Croatia Cavtat, just 5km from Dubrovnik airport and the Registration Fee includes: 

- Gala Dinner and Open Bar (Mon)
- Meeting Room Hire (Tues & Weds)
- Dubrovnik Old Town Tour (Tues)
- Group Dinner (Tues)
- Morning & Afternoon Refreshments
- Buffet Lunch served in the Restaurant Cavtat (Tues & Weds)
- Access to online Meeting Manager
- Event Photography

By bringing together industry professionals in one convenient location, our events eliminate the need for extensive travel and time away from the office.

Although virtual meetings have their advantages, we have found that building rapport and establishing trust is much easier in person. This can lead to more open and collaborative conversations, which are essential for developing successful partnerships.

Rachel Crawford, Founder of DigiFreight, has organised more than 50 networking events globally across Asia, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. According to her, face-to-face interactions are essential in building connections and fostering trust. In-person meetings are more targeted and productive, leading to a greater increase in business and contacts

Attendees are provided with exclusive access to our customised online Meeting Manager, which allows them to schedule twenty-minute business meetings with companies of their choice ahead of our event. Since our system is live, attendees can book new meetings during the event in case an existing one is unable to proceed. This maximizes their time and ensures that they get an opportunity to meet as many companies as possible. Our customized system is all-encompassing, ensuring that our attendees are fully prepared with all the relevant information, including an easily accessible schedule for mobile devices.

Our Croatia event will be a powerful tool for building our global community of freight forwarders, driving innovation, and creating new opportunities for growth and development.

We extend a warm invitation and would be delighted to welcome you! To find out more, please email Wendy.