Complete Logistics Services from BATI in Turkey

19-03-2021 Featuring: BATI Nakliyat

An impressive scope of services with experience in a wide range of industries.

BATI Nakliyat
are new members in Turkey! Established in 1992, their headquarters are based in Istanbul with 10 branch offices and 3 warehouses across the country. BATI provides complete global logistics services with an energetic, hardworking, intelligent, problem-solving and friendly team.

"In our business, trust matters, and our reputation for integrity is our most effective marketing tool. We are working in a difficult, demanding, ever-changing logistics sector and we strive to be a company our partners and customers can count on.

We look forward to becoming a great and active DigiFreight member in Turkey!"

The gallery below features some recent work handled by BATI.

BATI Nakliyat