Experience, Professionalism & Precision with ONE LOG Hungary Kft. in Hungary

23-05-2023 Featuring: ONE LOG Hungary Kft.

Introducing ONE LOG Hungary Kft. who have joined DigiFreight as our new representative in Hungary.

The company have passed our strict entry procedure and received fantastic references!  

"Life and transportation are simple things. Our goal is to do simple and clean work, be it air, sea, rail, road or combined transport."
"Our company, ONE LOG Hungary Kft. offers you a wide range of different modes of transport at affordable prices, be it sea, air, rail, road or other combined modes of transport. Like our customers, you may be one of those who have little time, but high expectations and would like to entrust your deliveries to reliable experts. If so, we offer you our personalized and tailored high-quality services from the first quotation right up to the delivery of the goods to their destination." ONE LOG Hungary Kft.

Members are now able to connect to ONE LOG Hungary Kft. via our Meeting Hub – see more.

Remember! DigiFreight will only approve 2 freight forwarders per country so that we foster a close network of agents.

We aim to provide our Members with all they need to expand their global network of trusted cargo partners so that they receive an upsurge in business.