New eZine: Workplace and People Productivity 2021


Our new eZine is all about productivity!

We are hopeful that we will all start to see improvements in the next few months and that we are through the worst of the global pandemic with the vaccine rollouts.

As we now continue to work in the ‘new normal’ let’s focus on how we can be more successful and how we can manage our time effectively. Being able to control your workload by implementing appropriate time management strategies is a worthy skill that will avoid each day being a chaotic and reactive work environment.

Not only will you work more productively but you will also feel less stressed out and this will have a positive impact on your teams and the people around you!

Please read/download/share our new eZine containing useful links, which cover:

- Personal Productivity
- Workplace Productivity
- Remote Working
- Work Objectives

We hope you find this useful .

Rachel Crawford FCILT