New Meeting Hub Brochure Issued


First Things First!

When you join DigiFreight, the lead contact of each company will receive an automated email with their log-in details and they can add other staff members by:

- Log-in and go to My Account

- Under company name, click Users >

- Click and complete Add New Staff Member

Each staff member will receive an email containing details on how to complete their account setup. We recommend that everyone add a profile picture as we love putting a face to a name! Once set up, you can reach out to your global DigiFreight partners.

Quick Video Call

A project has come up and you don’t have time for a long back and forth email trail? Our powerful interface enables you to quickly schedule a virtual meeting with your DigiFreight partner at a mutually convenient time (with time-zones automatically considered) via WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet or Skype directly from your mobile device.

In our Member Centre, choose a company and go to Staff and select who you wish to get in touch with. You will see their full contact details and a box where you can click Request Meeting. The details will automatically appear in your Meeting Hub where it will remain red until the meeting is accepted. 

Each Meeting Hub entry contains all the information needed for a successful virtual meeting including who is responsible for starting the call, the chosen communication platform, ID address/details, notes – everything in one place!

Member Events

Virtual Meeting Event 

Every 6 months the DigiFreight team allocate a series of consecutive days where all Members are invited to participate in virtual meetings (at no extra charge). Members can set their local time zone and then instantly view the agenda so that they can make themselves available or unavailable in the dedicated meeting slots. Once set, their availability will then show to all other Members. The perfect opportunity to follow-up from your face-to-face meetings!

THE NEXT EVENT IS FULLY SET UP AND SUPER EASY TO USE! Simply log-in, set your time-zone and open up the appointment times you would like to be available. You are entirely in charge of your own schedule and can decide when you will make yourself available for meetings and which platform you prefer to use.

The next event will be from 8-10 November 2021 - a great opportunity for our Founder Members to ‘meet’. 

Croatia 2022 

Our industry is about building solid relations, so we are looking forward to getting back to meeting face-to-face. This is especially important after the impact the COVID crisis has had on our industry … there is much to discuss! We are confident that we can safely and successfully put on a great event after such a long time apart. Building closer relationships (and friendships) is a valuable tool in forwarding, which shouldn't be underestimated. Knowing who you are speaking to, personally, automatically builds confidence. Our exciting first face-to-face gathering takes place in Croatia from 4-6 September 2022 at Hotel Croatia Cavtat, just 5km from Dubrovnik airport (read more). To register your place:

- Click Member Events and select Event Details under Croatia 2021.

- Select Register Now and complete the form.

The event will provide a fantastic opportunity for our Members to save substantial time away from the office as well as considerable travel expenses by being able to meet together in one place at the same time.

    My Account

    My Details

    This is all about you! Manage your location, time-zone, upload a profile photo and set your preferred meeting platforms. 

    My Company

    This is where you can update your company details and also add Users. Each user will be listed as a staff member in the Staff section on your company page (in the Member Centre). They will be visible to all other members. Each staff member will have their own login details to manage their contact details and meetings. 

    Meeting Hub

    Here you can manage all your meetings including Virtual Meeting Weeks, Face-to-Face events plus any Spontaneous Meetings. Your personal calendar has the ability to view in different time zones in case of travel. Each entry contains all the information needed for a successful virtual meeting including who is responsible for starting the call, the chosen communication platform, ID address/details, notes – everything you need in one place!

    Please feel free to download our Meeting Hub brochure.