RRAS Forwarding is Home to a Team of Experienced Logistics Specialists

16-05-2024 Featuring: RRAS

Throwing a spotlight on DigiFreight members in Poland, RRAS Forwarding.

RRAS Forwarding are a comprehensive provider of international and domestic transportation services. Their headquarters are located in GdaƄsk and is home to a team of experienced and dedicated logistics specialists.

"The wide-ranging expertise and knowledge of our team allows us to efficiently organise the multimodal transportation of cargo by sea, road, rail or air as well as other related services including customs clearance, warehousing, packaging and cargo insurance. We maintain strong partnerships with reliable carriers, both domestic and international, ensuring top-quality forwarding services worldwide.

At RRAS Forwarding, we ensure the utmost care and emphasise an individual approach in executing each order. Leveraging the latest technologies and tools, we guarantee a safe and timely delivery of your cargo."

Recent work handled by RRAS has included mining equipment to Poland, road rollers, excavators, sports cars to Dubai, teas from Sri Lanka, crayons from China, coffee machines from China, athlete nutrients to Vietnam, cooking oil to Suriname and vodka to the USA.