DigiFreight Head Office team reunited for a fun team building event


Pictured: George (Graphic Designer), Rachel (C.E.O.), Judith (Administration Director), Sam (Recruitment Director) & Wendy (Administration Manager)

It’s been a challenging time with remote working and lots of virtual meetings but the DigiFreight Head Office team were recently reunited for a fun team building event, an Escape Room followed by dinner.

We have all stayed in close daily contact via Skype since DigiFreight launched but it was great to relax in each other’s company after such a long time apart and we succeeded in ‘escaping’ from the room.

Although cases rose in the UK, they are now decreasing again and the severity of illness is greatly reduced so our vaccination program is working. All DigiFreight Head Office staff have received both vaccinations and remain safe and well. We know that Covid-19 will likely have lasting effects on the way we live, work and travel but we hope that as scientists suggest, the virus will become a much milder illness and that we can get back to what we enjoyed (and probably didn’t fully appreciate) before the pandemic.

Also, we are delighted to announce that our next Virtual Meeting Event will be from 8-10 November 2021. The event is fully set up and super easy to use! Simply go to Agenda & My Availability and set your local time zone for the dates. Once set, you can make yourself available for meetings by ticking the I’m Available box next to each session. We have also added a useful feature which allows you to bulk set your availability (to save numerous clicks!).

See our Meeting Hub Brochure for details.

We are very young and still building a solid base of Members and as our membership increases over the next 2 years, our meetings will become busier and produce lots of new business by connecting you to more business partners around the world.