2023 Face-to-Face Contact List

We have created this page to encourage communication between attendees. Live links have been disabled to avoid spamming.

Country Company Delegate Email Address Mobile Number
Bangladesh Pacific Agency Sk. Khaled Bin Raushan khaled@pamcargo.com +8801711538704
China/Kazakhstan Wellfast Logistics Karl Yang karl.yang@wellfast.com +8613906024656
China/Kazahkstan Wellfast Logistics Roger Yang roger.yang@wellfast.com +8613656036562
Italy SL Europe Agency Leonardo Asanza a.leonardo@sleuropeagency.it +393391679117
Malaysia HAT Network Basheer Ahmad hat.basheer@hat-network.com +60122400476
Nigeria Champion Logistics Sola Adesunloye


Pakistan Universal Freight  Masroor Khan mrkhan@ufs.com.pk +923132777027
Thailand Up4 Logistics Norman Nakkiran norman@up4logistics.com +66953628160
USA American CargoCare Nick Pullen