Member List

Semi-Exclusive Policy: 2 Members per Country.

Established in 2020, DigiFreight will only approve 2 freight forwarders per country so that we foster a close network of agents. Over the next 2 years, it is our aim to build a strong global network of agents in all the major markets. We have received a fantastic response since our launch and are currently processing applications. However, our experience from running Universal Freight Organisation (est. 2000) and Project Cargo Network (est. 2010) and Cargo Connections (est. 2014) shows that it is incredibly important at the beginning of a network to be selective when accepting applications.

Many new networks open their doors to anyone who wants to join in order to quickly build a membership but DigiFreight has ambitious long term goals of creating a world class organisation. This is why we are currently offering 2 years membership for the cost of 1, so that we have time to really build on quality, not quantity. If you are interested in joining, please read our Company and/or FAQ brochures and then click here to apply.

So welcome to our Founder Members! We are confident that they will see DigiFreight grow from strength to strength over the coming months, providing many new and profitable business opportunities.

Our full list of Members will be published here soon ...