COVID-19 Rapidly Accelerates us into the Digital Era


COVID-19 Rapidly Accelerates us into the Digital Era

The logistics industry provides one of the most important services to our globally connected world.

The COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 has resulted in many consequences to both businesses and individuals all over the world. One is that many of us are now working virtually rather than in offices, therefore we have created the new DigiFreight platform.

We are hopeful for the V-shaped recovery that many business leaders are confidently predicting. Certainly, as we approach 2021, companies are moving their focus from protecting their business to recovery and we have learnt much during the crisis which is enabling us to adapt and modify so that we can thrive within the next normal.

The past few years has seen the world advance and move forward into the digital era and the events of 2020 has resulted in this being rapidly accelerated. Many companies have quickly learnt new ways of working, including using virtual meetings as a way of connecting. 

The World Advertising Research Center predict that over 70% of internet users will access the web solely via smartphones by 2025. 

    A crisis often generates opportunities for logistics and supply-chain companies including entering new markets, refocusing their sales efforts to commodities or trade routes that are less impacted or recover sooner and by innovating on new services. To do this you need a similar thinking network of global partners.

    Our entire DigiFreight platform has been built around mobile functionality with no slow, clumsy database to sift through. Our built-in international time zones enable Members to connect with one another efficiently across several communication platforms including Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and WhatsApp.

    We aim to provide our Members with all they need to redevelop and expand their network of trusted cargo partners so that they receive an upsurge in business over the next 2 years.