Meeting Hub to go Live in April 2021

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Meeting Hub to go Live in April 2021

The past few years has seen the world advance and move forward into the digital era and the events of 2020 has resulted in this being rapidly accelerated.

We have learnt much during the crisis which is enabling us to adapt and modify so that we can thrive within the next normal. Many companies have quickly learnt new ways of working remotely, including using virtual meetings as a way of connecting.

Traditional freight forwarder networks hold annual conferences so that their Members can meet face-to-face and develop business. These meetings provide the opportunity for the overseas partners to get to know each other and build confidences.

However, the cost of attending global gatherings, including time away from the office can sometimes be substantial and in our challenging times, even more difficult and hard to justify. This is why we have created our Meeting Hub, the integral part of the DigiFreight platform.


An important project has come up and you don’t have time for a long back and forth email trail. Our powerful interface enables you to quickly schedule a meeting via WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet or Skype with your global DigiFreight partners at a mutually convenient time. The key to this section of our website is that international time zones are automatically built-in, so you don’t have to look them up.


Starting May 2021, every 6 months the DigiFreight team allocate a series of consecutive days where all Members are invited to participate in virtual meetings (at no extra charge). Each Member is entirely in charge of their own schedule and can decide when they will make themselves available or unavailable for meetings.


As we know it is important to meet face-to-face, from 2022 we will also organise annual physical get-togethers, but they will be entirely optional. The first location will be in Croatia from 30-31 May 2022 (Meet-n-Greet Gala Dinner 29 May).