DigiFreight Holds 1st Official Get-Together


During May 2022, DigiFreight held a video session where everyone had a chance to introduce themselves.

The format of the get-together enabled participants to get to know each other and was the perfect preface to the Virtual Event which took place from 23–25 May 2022.

We heard from Members in China, India, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Tunisia, UK and USA.

DigiFreight Founder, Rachel Crawford thanked all those who took the time to attend and said:

"As I mentioned during my welcome address, we will do our best to ensure that you all gain valuable new business over the coming years. We have great hopes for DigiFreight as we know well-connected forwarders will ultimately overcome the challenges in the industry more successfully than companies who stand alone. Having already established 3 other networks over the past 2 decades, we are thoroughly enjoying building DigiFreight into an equally strong organisation."

"The success of a network is down to its members, not its management. So, we have been careful not to say ‘yes’ to everyone who applies – we could build a large membership very quickly if we did! Our goal is to create a world class organisation."

"Also, we limit our revenue but increase your chances of acquiring business by restricting membership to 2 Members per country, with no exceptions. As a bonus for you while we are growing, you have exclusive access to my other Members which encompasses over 500 forwarders."

Another Virtual Event is scheduled for November 2022 and DigiFreight’s Face-to-Face Meeting will take place in Croatia in October 2023.