Virtual Meeting Platform Now Available


After months of development we unveil our trailblazing system...

The most advanced Meeting Platform in the freight industry

DigiFreight Founder, Rachel Crawford says “Good communication is vital in business and this has been exceptionally important since the COVID-19 outbreak with many people working remotely. DigiFreight is designed to enable companies to connect better and more easily so that they can achieve and maintain strong working relationships, essential in the freight industry.” 

The sophisticated system has many advanced features …

> The Meeting Hub shows a personal calendar allowing Members to keep track and manage all their meetings in one place. Entries are displayed in their local timezone but in case they are travelling, they can change the viewing timezone in the calendar toolbar.

> Each calendar entry contains all the information needed for a successful virtual meeting, including who is responsible for starting the meeting, the chosen communication platform, notes, ID address/details, etc.

> A project has come up and there is no time for a long, back and forth email trail? The powerful interface enables Members to quickly schedule a virtual meeting with their global DigiFreight partners.

> When a meeting is requested, the system will automatically show both the Member’s local timezone plus their overseas partners … so a mutually convenient time can be suggested.

> Does everyone use the same communication platform? No! Therefore, the system makes it possible for Members to select their preferred platforms from Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp.

> Members can add notes to each meeting, either private for their eyes only, or for all involved parties to ensure adequate meeting preparation.

DigiFreight offer Semi-Exclusive Membership (2 forwarders per country) with the goal of creating a world class organisation and are currently offering 2 year’s membership for the cost of 1 to give the network time to build on quality (not quantity).

Every 6 months, the DigiFreight team allocate a series of consecutive days where all Members are invited to participate in virtual meetings (at no extra charge). Each Member is entirely in charge of their own schedule and can decide when they will make themselves available or unavailable for meetings. 

Lastly … DigiFreight management know how important it is to meet in person and are delighted to announce that they have organised an exciting 3-day event in Croatia from 4-6 September 2022. Read more.

Rachel adds “How great will it be to meet up face-to-face again!”